International students

HBF Birkarlarna is a fraternity for you if you have a feeling that the city folk around you wallow in a constant stream of needless stress. Maybe you’re tired of reign of the fast food culture in Sweden or the rest of the world and craving some real food from the north of Sweden such as moose, palt, pytt or char.

The culinary experts of Birkarlarna, also known as the Käkkarls, use their eternal wisdom and knowledge to transform the finest ingredients of the highest quality into the most delicious edible artworks you can find. HBF Birkarlarna regularly meet to in our so called Stämmor where you can enjoy traditional Swedish food from the north as well as strong drinks and heated discussions.

A stämma could be hard to describe to the unknowing student but you could compare it to a cross between a three course dinner and the polish parliament but with beer and stronger drinks included. A stämma could be summarized as something very entertaining with a touch of northern Sweden. Other activities run by Birkarlarna include, but are not limited to, tastings of alcoholic beverages, barbeque in scenic landscapes with beautiful women from the sororities of Norrlands Nation. Journeys to other countries such as Denmark and Germany, visiting brethren in exile, are regularly occurring in between the ordinary activities.

Of course Birkarlarna is something for you and all you need to do to join is to sign up at and show up at our next stämma.

Events this semester (Fall 18)

  • 5 September: Antikrundan (Pubcrawl with Vajan)
  • 7 September: Dinner with Vajan
  • 22 September: Älgstämma
  • 20 October: Paltstämma
  • 24 October: Pubcrawl with HJ
  • 17 November: Blötastämma
  • 24 November: Secret activity
  • 1 December: Dinner with HJ

Events this semester (Spring 18)

  • 13 Janary: Rödingstämma
  • 27 January: Birkarlarenneth
  • 31 January: Reccemottagning
  • 21 February: Pubcrawl with HJ
  • 10 March: Pyttstämma
  • 23 March: Dinner with Vajan
  • 14 April: Märgbensstämma
  • 21 April: Disorderliness with HBF Birkarlarna and Jamtamot
  • 12 May: Jungfrublot (Dinner with Ypsilon) (Caneled)
  • 20 May: Ristning with HärjaJämt (Picnic in the sun)
  • 9 June: Asado with Vajan (Barbecue in the sun)
  • 25 August: Surströmmingsstämma

Events previous semester (Fall 17)

  • 26 August: Surströmmingsstämma
  • 2 September: Dinner with Vajan
  • 16 September: Älgstämma
  • 20 September: Antikrundan
  • 6 October: Dinner with Ypsilon(Canceled)
  • 13 October: Dinner with HJ (Canceled)
  • 13 October: Paltstämma
  • 4 November: Protektorat Syds 10 years anniversary
  • 16 December: Blötastämma

Events previous semester (Spring 17)

  • 14 January: Rödingstämma
  • 28 January: Birkarlarenneth
  • 15 February: Pubcrawl with HärjaJämt
  • 24 February: Pyttstämma
  • 31 March: Dinner with Vajan
  • 21 April: Märgbensstämma
  • 13 May: Orderliness with HBF Birkaralarna and Jamtamot
  • 17 May: Jungfrublot (Dinner with Ypsilon)
  • 28 May: Ristning med HärjaJämt (Picnic in the sun)
  • 3 June: Asado med Vajan (Barbecue in the sun)
  • 26 August: Surströmmingsstämma

Events previous semester (Fall 16)

Events previous semester (Spring 16)

  • 23 January: Rödingstämma
  • 30 January: Birkarlarenneth
  • 17 February: Pubcrawl with HärjaJämt
  • 20 February: Pyttstämma
  • 11 March: Dinner with HärjaJämt
  • 20 March: Brunch with the fraternities of Norrlands Nation
  • 1 April: Dinner with Vajan
  • 9 April: Märgbensstämma
  • 14 May: Orderliness with HBF Birkarlarna and Jamtamot
  • 17 May: Jungfrublot with Ypsilon
  • 29 May: Ristning with HärjaJämt (Picnic in the sun)
  • 4  June: Asado with Vajan (Barbecue in the sun)

Events previous semester (Fall 15)

Events previous semester (Spring 15)